The Grand America Hotel:

Words cannot adequately express how delighted we are with the level of service Jimmy Lupo, of Jimmy's Famous Tours, provides for our guests here at The Grand America Hotel. Jimmy is truly a five-diamond jewel in the tour industry. He is reliable, personable and highly educated about the history of the entire State of Utah. The Guest Service Staff, at The Grand America Hotel, gladly gives our gold stamp of approval for anyone wishing to do business with Jimmy.

Museum of Utah Art & History

Dear Jimmy,
Thank you so much for providing transportation for our guests at the fundraising gala for the Museum of Utah Art & History. We appreciate your kindness and generosity in helping make the gala event a huge success.
Your professionalism was evident in all that you did to transport our guests between the museum and the Grand America Hotel to make the transition from one place to another easier for everyone. Once again, thank you for all you did for the museum.
Rebecca Batt
Director of Administration
Museum of Utah Art & History

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